There are various client commands available in ETrun. They are described below.


/class class [weapon1] [weapon2]

Change player class to class. Possible classes are described below.

  • weapon1 is the numeric id of the weapon among class.
  • weapon2 is the numeric id of alternate weapon among class.
Class name class
Medic m
Engineer e
Field ops f
Covert ops c
Soldier s

h (help)

/h [command]

Provide help about ETrun commands. If command is omitted, list all available commands. If provided, display usage of command.



Stops an active timerun.


/load [slotId]

Load a previously saved position from saved slots. If slotId is omitted, default to slot 0.

  • View angles are also loaded if etr_loadViewAngles = 1.
  • Weapon is also loaded if etr_loadWeapon = 1.


/loadCheckpoints [userName] [runName]
/loadCheckpoints [userName] [runId]

Request API for the run checkpoints of a user and load them.

  • If userName is provided, it will look for checkpoints from a player named userName. If omitted, checkpoints from the current player will be loaded.
  • If a second argument is omitted, this command will load checkpoints for the first run of the map. If provided, the command will:
    1. Try to load checkpoints for this specific run name.
    2. In case of failure it will to load records from a specific run by its numeric id.
    3. Finally, it will load records for the first run of the map.


/loadCheckpoints player run2
/loadCheckpoints other_player
/loadCheckpoints other_player run2



Attempt to login the player on API using etr_authToken value.



Logout a player from API.

m (private messaging)

/m playerName message
/m playerId message

Send a private message containing text message to player name playerName. If playerName is not found, numeric player id playerId will be used instead.



Displays informations about mod.


/rank [userName] [mapName] [runName] [physicsName]

List surrounding records time and ranks from -5 to +5.

When no option provided, this command will requires player to be logged in and will give his rank on the first run of current map with current physics settings. Otherwise, it will give output according to given options:

  • userName name of the user to show record of.
  • mapName name of the map to show record of.
  • runName name of the run among mapName to show record of.
  • physicsName name of the game physics to show record of. Possible values are VET,VQ3 or AP.


/rank player
/rank player shorties "Shorties 2"
/rank other_player shorties "Shorties 2" AP



Request API for records of every runs in the current map and print them.


/save [slotId]

Save current position into the given slotId. If slotId is omitted, default to slot 0.


/specinvite playerId

Allow playerId to spectate you.



Prevent spectators to spectate you.


/specuninvite playerId

Prevent a previously invited spectator to spectate you.



Allow spectators to spectate you.



Show an introduction for beginners into the console.