List of ETrun cvars.

Speed meter

Name Value Default Description
cg_drawSpeedMeter 0,1 1 Display a speed meter.
cg_speedMeterX 0-640 320 Speed meter horizontal position.
cg_speedMeterY 0-480 220 Speed meter vertical position.
cg_drawAccel 0,1 0 Color speed meter according to player acceleration. Introduced in ETrun 1.4.0.
cg_accelSmoothness integer 100 Sensitivity of the cg_drawAccel cvar. Introduced in ETrun 1.4.0.


Name Value Default Description
cg_drawCGaz 0,1,2,3,4 0 Draw CGaz. Various types are available. Use 0 to disable.
cg_realCGaz2 0,1 0 Adjust CGaz 2 for widescreen display. Introduced in ETrun 1.4.0.

Velocity Snapping HUD

Name Value Default Description
cg_drawVelocitySnapping 0,1,2 0 Draw Velocity Snapping HUD. Various types are available. Use 0 to disable. Introduced in ETrun 1.4.0.
cg_velocitySnappingH integer 8 Velocity Snapping HUD height. Introduced in ETrun 1.4.0.
cg_velocitySnappingY 0-480 240 Velocity Snapping HUD vertical position. Introduced in ETrun 1.4.0.
cg_velocitySnappingFov integer 120 Velocity Snapping Field Of View. Introduced in ETrun 1.4.0. 

Run timer

Name Value Default Description
cg_drawTimer 0,1 1 Display a run timer.
cg_timerX 0-640 320 Run timer horizontal position.
cg_timerY 0-480 420 Run timer vertical position.


Name Value Default Description
cg_drawCheckPoints 0,1 1 Display checkpoints times.
cg_checkPointsX 0-640 320 Checkpoints horizontal position.
cg_checkPointsY 0-480 435 Checkpoints vertical position.
cg_maxCheckPoints integer 5 Maximum number of checkpoints displayed.
cg_autoLoadCheckpoints 0,1 0 Automatically load checkpoints from PB. Player must be logged in.

Hide player model

Name Value Default Description
cg_hideOthers 0,1 1 Hide other player models.
cg_hideRange integer 128 Distance expressed in game units where other player models should be hidden.
cg_hideMe 0,1 0 Hide your player model from other players.


Name Value Default Description
cg_specLock 0,1 0 Enable persistant speclock.

Display pressed keys

Name Value Default Description
cg_drawKeys 0,1,2,3 1 Display pressed keys. Display various types according to value.
cg_keysX 0-640 550 Keys horizontal position.
cg_keysY 0-480 210 Keys vertical position.
cg_keysSize integer 64 Control size of displayed keys. API authentication

Name Value Default Description
cg_timerunsToken string "" Player authentification token for API.
cg_autoLogin 0,1 0 Enable automatic player login.


Name Value Default Description
cg_numPopups 0-16 5 Maximum number of popups to display.
cg_popupTime integer 1000 Delay (msec) between popups.
cg_popupStayTime integer 2000 Time (msec) a popup stays on screen before fading out.
cg_popupFadeTime integer 2500 Time (msec) a popup takes to fade out.

Info panel

Name Value Default Description
cg_drawInfoPanel 0,1 1 Display info panel.
cg_infoPanelX 0-640 537 Info panel horizontal position.
cg_infoPanelY 0-480 2 Info panel vertical position.
cg_minStartSpeed integer 0 Minimum start speed desired. If unmet, player is killed (new in ETrun 1.4.0). Use 0 to disable. Introduced in ETrun 1.2.0.

Note: cg_minStartSpeed is reset to 0 at every new game session.

Triggers visibility

Name Value Default Description
cg_drawTriggers 0,1,2,3,4 1 Make triggers visible. Use 0 to disable. Introduced in ETrun 1.4.0.
cg_triggerOffset float 0 Apply a factor to the size of triggers. Introduced in ETrun 1.4.0.
cg_triggerColor white,yellow,red,green,blue,magenta,cyan,orange white Set color of triggers. Introduced in ETrun 1.4.0.

Possibles values for cg_drawTriggers are listed below.

Value What is displayed
0 None
1 Triggers
2 Triggers, Jumppads
3 Triggers, Jumppads, Teleporters
4 All types of triggers


Name Value Default Description
cg_autoDemo 0,1 0 Enable recording demos automatically.
cg_keepAllDemos 0,1 1 Keep all demos or only demos for PB records.

Player position control

Name Value Default Description
cg_loadViewAngles 0,1 1 Enable restoring player view angles when loading its position.
cg_loadWeapon 0,1 1 Enable restoring player weapon when loading its position.
cg_autoLoad 0,1 1 Enable automatically restoring player position when he gets killed.

Surface detection

Name Value Default Description
cg_drawOB 0,1 0 Display OverBounce detector.
cg_drawSlick 0,1 0 Display slick surface detector.


Name Value Default Description
cg_viewLog 0,1 0 Enable displaying the game console in a separate window from the main game window.


Name Value Default Description
cg_noclipSpeed integer 1000 Set movement speed while using /noclip command.


Name Value Default Description
cg_countryFlags 0,1 0 Display country flags on scoreboard (server needs to support GeoIP).


Name Value Default Description
cg_drawClock 0,1 1 Display a clock.


Name Value Default Description
cg_chatX 0-640 130 Chat horizontal position. Introduced in ETrun 1.4.0.
cg_chatY 0-480 478 Chat vertical position. Introduced in ETrun 1.4.0.
cg_chatHeight 0-8 8 Height of the chat. Introduced in ETrun 1.4.0.


Name Value Default Description
cg_onRunStart string "" Command(s) to trigger when a run starts . Introduced in ETrun 1.4.0.
cg_onRunStop string "" Command(s) to trigger when a run stops . Introduced in ETrun 1.4.0.


Name Value Default Description
cg_widescreenSupport 0,1 1 Enable widescreen display. Introduced in ETrun 1.4.0.
cg_realFov 0,1 0 Enable widescreen Field Of View. Introduced in ETrun 1.4.0.