List of ETrun server cvars.

Note: Some cvars use bitflagged value, it means you can combine options by making the sum of their related flags.

Custom mapscripts

Name Value Default Description
g_mapScriptDirectory string "custommapscripts" Name of the custom mapscripts directory.

Enable/disable client features

Name Value Default Description
g_disableCGaz 0,1 0 Disable usage of CGaz. Introduced in 1.4.0.
g_disableSnappingHUD 0,1 0 Disable usage of Velocity Snapping HUD. Introduced in 1.4.0.


Name Value Default Description
g_maxConnsPerIP integer 3 Maximum clients allowed to connect from a same IP address.

Flood protection

Name Value Default Description
g_floodProtect 0,1 1 Enable flood protection.
g_floodThreshold integer 8 Limit the number of commands a client can send in an interval of 30 seconds.
g_floodWait integer 768 Delay (msec) required between two commands from a client.
g_maxNameChanges integer 3 Maximum name changes allowed per map. Use -1 to disable.
vote_delay integer 20000 Force a delay (msec) between two votes. Introduced in 1.4.0.

Game physics

Name Value Default Description
physics integer 255 Set game physics according to the given bitflagged value.

Available flags for physics are listed below.

Flag Value
Vanilla ET 0
Flat jumping 1
No fall damage 2
Ramp bounce 4
Air control 8
No overbounce 16
Upmove bugfix 32
Double jump 64
Slick control 128

Sticky values for physics used on official game servers are listed below.

Physics name physics value
VQ3 3
VQ3 no OB 19
AP with OB 239
AP 255


Name Value Default Description
g_useGeoIP 0,1 0 Enable use of GeoIP to geolocate and display country flags of players based on their IP addresses.
g_geoIPDbPath string "" Path to GeoIP database inside <fs_basepath>/etrun directory. Compatible with Maxmind Geolite2 Country.


Name Value Default Description
g_chatLog 0,1 1 Enable logging player chat to a separate chat.log file. Introduced in 1.2.0.
g_debugLog 0,1 0 Enable debug logging to a debug.log file.

Map entities

Name Value Default Description
g_enableMapEntities integer 31 Change game map entities behaviour according to the given bitflagged value.
g_forceTimerReset 0,1 1 Make sure start triggers are not prevented to reset run timer.
g_holdDoorsOpen 0,1 1 Hold the doors open.
g_disableDrowning 0,1 1 Prevent player from drowning.

Available flags for g_enableMapEntities are listed below.

Flag Value
Classic settings 0
Force kill entities to work 1
Force hurt entities to work 2
Enable jumppads trigger_push 4
Enable velocity jumppads trigger_push_velocity 8
Enable location jumppads target_location 16
Disable hurt entities 32

Strict save/load

Name Value Default Description
g_strictSaveLoad 0,1 0 Enable strict save/load mode.


Name Value Default Description
timelimit integer 0 Amount of time before a random map gets loaded. 0 means no timelimit. Requires API. API

Name Value Default Description
g_useAPI 0,1 0 Enable use of API module.
g_APImoduleName string timeruns.mod Name of API module file (must be located either in fs_homepath or fs_basepath).
g_cupMode 0,1 0 Enable cup mode.
g_cupKey string "" Access key used while server is running in cup mode.